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Welcome to the Southwest Region Staff College

Southwest Region Staff College
July 15-22, 2017

Lt. Col. Newton Muehleisen, SWRSC Director

The SWR Staff College is held at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM, and is known for its excellence in curriculum and the high quality of instruction. Our cost is small compared to what companies pay for similar intense leadership emersion training. The intense week is literally filled with leadership learning experiences and fun-filled activities.

A superior facet of the college is the camaraderie among the students and staff. Many participants have found new friends and have developed bonds for life. One of the important parts of Civil Air Patrol is the networking done at Region and National activities. It allows members to meet new people and tap the vast knowledge of their fellow members. The Staff College gives you the chance to broaden who you know and often find out ways to build a better mousetrap!

This training is for all eligible senior CAP members. For those members on their way somewhere in their Civil Air Patrol achievements, this is the place to be!

Cost for the College is on $115.00 which includes all SWRSC Activities and Graduation Banquet. Students and staff are required to stay on base. A 2-room Suite in Billeting on Kirtland AFB is $60 per night.  Dining Facility Costs less than $10 per day for all three meals.

To register for the SWRSC:

1 – CAP Form 17

Have your Unit Commander sign and forward the original through your Chain-of-Command to include your Wing Commander. Email a copy to the SWRSC Director at as an attachment. See the Student Information Guide for more information.

2 – CAP Form 160 & CAP Form 161

Email to the SWRSC Director at as an attachment.

3 – SWRSC Information Form

Email to the SWRSC Director at as an attachment.

4 – SWRSC Student Information Guide 2017

Download and read. The Guide contains all information about the Staff College and your first assignment.

5 – Click here to pay online. For the payment options see the Student Information Guide.